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Designing Workshops

Learning from other women;

Creating empowering and inclusive spaces

We designed our own facilitation spaces, drawing inspiration from other women who hold workshops in encouraging female pleasure and open conversation around sex.

   Workshop1: Language around Sex

As this was our first workshop, we wanted to start out by easing participants into talking about sex and sexuality. While this activity required some reflection on past experiences, it did not ask people to show vulnerability right away. Slowly, it built trust through conversation and helped identify past assumptions and stereotypes.



The Process

      Workshop 2: Sharing Practices of Care

This workshop brought learnings from workshop 1 into a more personal context. Discussing challenges and preferences in a group setting created a sense of support and space for open conversation, as we reflected on experiences together. The prompts discussed were:

What makes you feel empowered or in-touch with yourself?

What kind of sex toys are you drawn to?

What stops you from exploring your sexuality?

 Key Learnings:    


Together, these workshops were deeply informative and grounded our research in real life conversations. Creating a space where open dialogue was encouraged

highlighted the importance of co-creative design in our project.

1. Co-creative design and a women's circle adds nuance and depth to this project.
2. People need specific questions and actions to talk about their experiences.

3. Using language and phrasing that makes us all feel good will inform our cards.

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