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The Process

Card Creation Through Action

Our focus at the beginning of the project was to design physical objects that can introduce play into sexual exploration. However, when we brought our tool prototypes to peers and experts we learnt that they needed suggestions or prompt actions to supplement them. We started writing cards generated from an exploration session with the tools.

   Initial Visual Prototypes

Our first visual prototypes helped us create a visual language for the project. They also became the guide for figuring out the function of the tools.

Insights and outcomes from our workshops informed the language of our card deck. We realized that there was a need to re-language pleasure to be more inclusive and encouraging for each person's overall wellbeing. So as we created and synthesized our cards, we narrowed in on three categories that would expand the language around pleasure.

  Navigating Language

   Feedback and Testing

Our cards were handed out to women to test. This process really influenced the ways in which we began editing out and synthesizing the cards down to one cohesive deck. We learnt that there was a place for both detailed cards and more poetic, philosophical cards in speaking to different types of people and different moods while interacting with the deck. 


Explore Reflect Pause

The visual design of the deck followed the three categories Explore, Reflect and Pause separated through colour. We played with bright joyous visuals to dark luxurious ones to see how they would affect the tone of the project. We decided a neutral colour tone worked best to be both calming and inviting. The illustrations were designed to be ambiguous while still representing the beauty of many different bodies in different positions to mirror the practices within the card deck.

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