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Treated Silk


The Pleasure Practice

 Our Story

We started the Pleasure Practice from our own experiences of discomfort within women's sexual health. At every corner we found that women around us were suffering from the censorship and stigmatization of sexual health and wellbeing. This gap in resources not only made pleasure inaccessible, but also had led to an increase in sexual dysfunction and shame. 


Everyone experiences pleasure differently. We wanted to give women tools to learn how to build healthy and joyful sexual experiences through getting to know themselves. It started with wanting to create a space that enables women to address their sexual needs, but blossomed into a practice of self care. 


The process of designing The Pleasure Practice focused on interviewing sexual therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners and women from all walks of life. These interactions informed how we addressed designing for sexual health and wellbeing. These interviews quickly led us to facilitating workshops to begin the conversation around sex and pleasure. We hope to continue de-stigmatizing sexual wellbeing and opening up spaces of care. 

 The Team

Our mission is to open up the conversation around pleasure and accept it as an integral part of our overall wellbeing. We want to create a welcoming space for you to explore and find joy in your sexual care.   

Shelby Sixsmith

I was excited about the possibility of using my skills as an industrial designer to make sexual wellbeing more accessible. This project allowed me to explore materiality and connect with women from all walks of life. Female sexual pleasure and wellbeing is still widely misinformed by stereotypes and stigmatization, this is just the beginning of changing the conversation in these spaces.

Aradhya Rattan

My design work focuses on meeting social needs through education, health design or community building. I am particularly drawn to female reproductive health and this project allowed me to explore this with other women and for myself. 

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