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We pulled insights from our workshops and research on somatic sexual therapy, sex toys, and acupressure into lo-fi prototypes that bring attention to the physical sensations in your body.

Through testing with peers we realized our tools needed to be tested in context and needed prompts to go with them.

     Sketching + Prototyping

Designing through embodied play became a huge part of our process. We made it a priority to play with our prototypes at home, in a slow way. We also let peers take our prototypes home to do the same and record the process through written reflections. People responded well to ambiguous forms that were inviting. 

     Embodied Exploration

       3D Printing

Moving through lo-fi clay prototypes to a medium fidelity, we started exploring form through 3D prints. This was important as we learnt early on that to cast our tools, we would need digital models. We made countless iterations of each tool based on feedback we got from peers.

Aluminium and Glass Casting

Once our forms were finalized, we decided to cast it in aluminium to make look-alike prototypes that we envision being made in stainless steel. We used a sand-casting process, making the moulds from PLA 3D prints. Glass casting was a lot more experimental as we designed moulds that were then 3D printed In Hydra-cal (or ceramic like material) to then cast positives. 

What goes in the Kit?

We had long discussions, rigorous user testing and research to decide which tools should be included in our kit. We were drawn to sensory mapping through a physical object but realized that it does not make people reflect or feel comfortable exploring their body without a prompt to supplement it. Through refinement of many prototypes, we decided to focus more on the prompts and let people curate their own space for comfort. The Mirror became an integral part of the kit through conversations that highlighted the link between self-esteem and body image in relation to sexual pleasure. But to support introspective work we realized we had to provide a prompt to explore pleasure physically. To make the wand approachable to all women we designed the form with vaginismus and endometriosis devices in mind. This is why the Inclusion of sex toys within sensuality and this kit became a priority.

We cast clear resin in silicon moulds and polished them to a shiny finish, to help us visualize our tools in a clear material before casting in glass. 

        Resin Prototypes

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